12 December 2018
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Welcome to the Neurosciences Research Center Laboratory
1. Lab animal husbandry, surgery and sampling units
2. Cellular and molecular lab
3. cognitive and motor Behavioral labs 
4. Histology lab
5.Electrophysiology Lab
6. Cognitive Re-habitation lab 
Researches in The Neurosciences Research Center Laboratory aim to focus on either molecular or behavioral aspect of different neurological conditions. In this way our researches are able to model disorders including cerebrovascular, neurodegenerative as well as traumatic injuries in laboratory animals. In fact, this body of work will lead to fundamental discoveries in human brain science, with wide ranging implications for the classification and treatment of neurological disorders. The ultimate goal of this research is to reduce the public health burden of pervasive, lifelong mental illness and vastly improving the quality of life of affected individuals and their families. 
Posted by   الناز خوش زبان