12 December 2018
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  Student Committee

Message of the Director of the center to the Student Neuroscience Research Committee 

Students are the core of adventurous endeavors and ambitions for productivity in any scientific gathering. The Neuroscience Research Center (NSRC) of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences proudly supports the enthusiastic and active students as the Student Neuroscience Research Committee, and claims convention of this committee.

We hope to enterprise the novel, applicational and impressive research for health and neuroscience by collective attempts and teamwork.

Best Wishes
Mehdi Farhoudi


Who are we?!

It is simple! We are a group of medical students who love to learn and do research in the field of neuroscience!

We started to work in neuroscience research center three years ago with full support and cooperating of Dr. Mehdi Farhoudi, representative of Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East & and Sub-Saharan Africa in the world stroke organization (WSO).

TODAY we decided to institutionalize our work in order to identify and develop all motivated and diligent students and to start greater research projects in collaboration with interested students and experts in other neuroscience research centers all over the world!

Holding major scientific events in the country, supporting and improving many student-centered activities in this field and educating ordinary people and medical students for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of neurological disorders are some of the goals of this committee!

So JOIN US if you are as well interested!

Mohammad Aboutalebi

Role: Administrator & Supervisor of SNRC(WSO member)

Birth Date: 1992.05.21

Email: Mohammad.aboutalebi@yahoo.com

Neda Parnianfard

Role: Successor of Administrator & International coordinator OF SNRC

Birth date: 1993.04.11

Email: Nedaparniyanfard@gmail.com

Arash Aslanabadi

Role: Executive Supervisor

Birth date: 1991.12.1

Email: Aslanabadi.1991@gmail.com

Hadi Ahmadi

Role: Executive Supervisor

Birth date: 1992.04.05

Email: Hadiahmadi53@yahoo.com

Fatemeh Seifar

Role: Research Supervisor

Birth date: 1992.01.12

Email: F.seifar@gmail.com

Sanaz Beigzali

Role: Educational Supervisor

Birth date: 1993.04.23

Email: Sanaz_ed@yahoo.com

Pouya Ebrahimi

Role: IT Secretary

Birth date: 1994.05.23

Email: Pouyaebrahimi1@gmail.com

Ehsan Pourmemar

Role: Public Relations Secretary

Birth date: 1992.05.18

Email: Ehsan.pouri@gmail.com