12 December 2018
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  Theses & Researches
Projects from 2014
  1. Study of CDNF-Loaded PLLA Nanobiomaterial  Effect on Endogenous Neural Stem Cell Migration and Functional Recovery in a Rat Model of Parkinson׳s disease
  2. The impact of Mesenchymal stem cell in treatment of experimental model of neurogenic bladder
  3. Effect of electrical stimulation on conversion of astrocyte to neuroblast in injured spinal cord male rats
  4. The effect of sleep deprivation on the striatal levels of Bax and Bcl2 mRNAs and proteins in experimental Parkinsonism induced by 6-hydroxydopamine in rat
  5. Assessment  of the  prevalance  of neuropathy in the idiopathic Parkinson disease and it’s relation with the levodopa intake
  6. The  effect of chronic stress on the coagulation parameters in warfarin treated male rats
  7. Aspirin resistance in patients with cerebrovascular disease during therapeutic course  and its effects on prognosis
  8. Study of Fabry Disease Frequency in Young Adult Stroke Patients
  9. Effect of physical activity and cognitive training on molecular and behavioral indices of memory in endothelin-1-induced hippocampal ischemia in male rats
  10. effect of MAPK  inhibitors on fos expression in trumatic injury in B92 and  Pc12 cells
  11. Effect of phosphatase and tensin homolog inhibitor on trauma induced apoptosis in B92 and  Pc12 Cells
  12. Automatic segmentation of white matter hyperintensities in Magnetic Resonance images of Alzheimer's patients
  13. The effect of astaxanthin, selenium and electrical stimulation on the expression of Genes and proteins of  Catsper1,2 , sperm parameters and repair of spinal cord injury in rats
  1. Investigation of Unknown or rare mutations in autosomal Recessive non-syndromic hearing loss (ARNSHL) in Azari families
  1. Mathematical modeling of Alzheimer’s disease pathophysiology
  1. Effect of chronic nicotine administration on d-galactose-induced memory impairment in mice
  1. Effects of Low Level Red and Infrared Lasers Photomodulation on Cognition Impairement in D-Galactose-Induced Aged Mice
  1. Effect of chronic cerebrolysin administration on d-galactose-induced spatial learning and memory impairment in mice
  1. Comparing of interanasal and systemic administeration of cerebrolysin on recognitional memory impairment in d-galactose model of aging in mice
  1. Determination of the predictive value of serum bilirubin in patient with ischemic stroke
  1. Dettermine Soluble interlukin 2 receptor level in acute phase of severla type of gullien-barre syndrome
  1. The effect of brown adipose tissue transplantation in avoidance learning and spatial memory of pups of rats with maternal obesity
  1. Study  insulin resistance in patients with multiple sclerosis and its relation to the attacks in the past year.
  1. The effect of growing up in normal, isolated and enriched environments on the appearance of some behaviours related to morphine dependency and  molecular parameters in the adult male offspring of morphine addicted dams
  1. study of relationship between insulin resistance and cognition among multiple sclerosis population 
  1. Isolation and identification of steroid saponins of Ruscus hyrcanus Woronow and their effect on rabbit carotid atherosclerosis
  1. Effect of transcranial low-level laser therapy in chronic restraint stress    induced depressive-like behaviour in mice        
  1.   Effect of infrared transcranial low level laser therapy and methylene blue on chronic stress-induced learning and memory impairment in mice
  1. Effect of Cerebrolysin on the cognitive abilities and brain CNTF alteration in methamphetamine recieved male rats
  1.   The effect of ghrelin on the cognitive abilities and apoptosis pathway in the hippocampus of the methamphetamine received male rats
  1. Effect of transcranial near-infrared photobiomodulation and coenzyme Q10 on learning and memory impairments induced by transient global ischemia in mouse model of aging
  1.       The effect of spinal cord injury on motor skill learning, brain rhythms and dopamine level in primary motor cortex of rat
  1.     The assessment of the allelic frequency and assosiation of APOE various genotypes with different aspects of cognition in Alzheimer's disease
  1.  Assessment of nutritional status  and its relationship with demographic and clinical characters in stroke patients admitted to Razi and Emam Reza hospitals. 
  1.   Implementation and Assessment of Stroke registry in Tabriz and primary analysis of some of registred data
  1.  Assesment of prognostic factors in  stroke patients treated with intra venous tissue plasminogen activator.                                                                 
  1.    Evaluation of polymorphism of  ABCA7, TREM2, EPHA1, MS4A6A and CD33 genes in patients with late onset alzheimer’s disease in Tabriz
  1.   Evaluation of aerobic and resistance exercise effects on acetylcholine-esterase activities in brain of rat model of Alzheimer disease
  1.   Evaluation of the  Nurr1 gene promoter region in Iranian(Tehran and Tabriz)patients with Parkinson's disease
  1.    Effect of electrotonic stimulation in combination with a diet containing  evening primrose oil on crushed sciatic nerve regeneration in male rats
  1.     Anger as triggering risk factor for Stroke; A case-cross over study
  2.     Evaluation of Transcranial Low-Level Laser Photomodulation Effect on Behavioral function in a Depression Model of Rat and Comparison with the Effect of Citalopram
  3. The relationship between PIN1 and eNOS leukocyte expression and serum levels With  blood pressure in patients with Alzheimer's
  4. Frequency of paraoxonase 1, cytochrom P450 2C19 and N-Acetyltransferas2 common polymorphisms in Parkinsons patients
  5. Evaluation of the serum level of antioxidants in patients with brain tumor 
  6. Effect of ghrelin on pain level, expression of TRPV1 channels and CGRP level in trigeminal ganglion in an experimental model of migraine in adult male rat
  7. Analysis of common prothrombotic molecular mutation in cerebral venous thrombosis and assessment of prognosis after 3 months in these patients
  8. Polymeric Nano-particles encapsulating tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) for treatment of ischemic stroke
  9. Evaluation of wake up cerebrovascular accidents prevalence and its associated risk factors.
  10. Diagnostic value of fusion of 99mTc-MIBI SPECT on brain MRI versus MR Spectroscopy in detection of relapsed high grade glioma.